Most adorable techie proposes to girlfriend with homemade video game of their relationship

Techies of the world, this guy is your hero.

A Cincinnati man just reinvented how marriage proposals should be done, especially if you are into geeky stuff. Austin Piech created a whole video game from scratch to let his girlfriend play through the gamified version of their own relationship. His girlfriend Lauren knew that the man had been crunching code to create a game for a few weeks, but she never suspected its purpose. Once the video game was ready, Austin asked his girlfriend to test it out for him and she started playing through the various levels that represent episodes of their lives.

When Lauren completed all the levels, the game played the same song that Austin's grandfather played for his grandmother when he proposed, and he finally asked her if she wanted to marry him.

Here are some images from the video game he made, together with his description of how this whole thing played out:

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