Jury indicts suspect in California kidnapping first thought as hoax

Jury Indicts Suspect in Kidnapping First Thought of as Hoax

A California kidnapping suspect has been indicted by a grand jury and could get up to life in prison.
Sounds pretty straightforward, right? Well, this one was a little bizarre.

That's because, when Aaron Quinn initially reported his girlfriend Denise Huskins was kidnapped in March, Vallejo police thought it was a hoax.

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"The statement that Mr. Quinn provided was such an incredible story we initially had a hard time believing it," said Lt. Kenny Park of the Vallejo Police Department.

Quinn claimed a man broke into their home, drugged them and then took Huskins.

KTLA reported that as many as 40 detectives worked to find Huskins when she disappeared -- but then she reappeared 48 hours later at her parents home and retained a lawyer before talking to police.

"If you can imagine devoting all of our resources 24 hours a day ... on what I would classify as a wild goose chase, it's a tremendous loss," Park told KTLA.

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Jury indicts suspect in California kidnapping first thought as hoax

Quinn's attorney insisted it wasn't a hoax, and that Quinn and Huskins were drugged.

According to the Los Angeles Times, it wasn't until police were investigating another incident in Dublin, California, in July that the 38 year-old Matthew Muller came to their attention as a suspect.

Details of the other robbery and kidnapping turned out to be remarkably similar to Quinn and Huskins' ordeal. A cellphone left at the Dublin scene eventually led them to Muller.

According to KOVR, Muller is a former U.S. Marine and lawyer who also attended and taught at Harvard. He was disbarred in 2015. He's scheduled to appear in court on Monday.

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