Don Henley calls Frank Ocean a 'talentless little prick,' Kanye West 'incredibly arrogant'

Don Henley: Kanye West Is 'Arrogant,' Frank Ocean a 'Talentless Prick'
Don Henley: Kanye West Is 'Arrogant,' Frank Ocean a 'Talentless Prick'

Don Henley hasn't changed his mind about Frank Ocean, ever since the R&B singer sampled "Hotel California" on his 2011 mixtape Nostalgia, Ultra without permission.

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Last year the Eagles singer, drummer and co-songwriter spoke critically of Ocean, saying, "You can't rewrite the lyrics to somebody else's songs, record it and put it on the Internet." And in a new interview with The Guardian he's not backing down from this stance.

"Some of these young kids have grown up in a world that doesn't understand or respect copyright material or intellectual property," he told the British publication. "They look at songs as interactive playthings."

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Don Henley through the years:

When the interviewer asked whether Henley was flattered that an artist as "cool" as Ocean would reference his work, Henley responded, "I didn't think he was cool. I thought he was a talentless little prick. And I still do."

Turns out, Henley's no fan of Kanye West's either. He said he'd be "just as pissed off" if West had done the same thing. Why? "I don't like him, either," he said. "He's either incredibly arrogant or incredibly insecure, or some combination of the two."

Here is the 'incredible arrogant' man that Henley went after:

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