4 trending stories you may have missed this week

Top Viral Stories Of The Week - October 2nd, 2015
Top Viral Stories Of The Week - October 2nd, 2015

From a soldier being refused service to a father making a selfless move at his daughter's wedding, there was no shortage of attention-grabbing stories this week. In case you fell off the grid a bit, here are a few that made waves.

1. Restaurant refuses service to soldier for carrying firearm

A social media post about an armed soldier being refused service at a Kentucky restaurant is going viral.

According to W-L-E-X, Army National Guard soldier Billy Welch stopped at a Waffle House wearing his military uniform with his gun. After ordering his food, he was told he had to take his firearm outside.

"I got up and I walked over to them, asked them how they were doing and stuff, and they said I'd have to take my firearm outside...I said thank you, but no thank you I'm going to have to leave," said Welch.

One witness at the restaurant posted the details of the event on Facebook, saying she was hurt by the disrespect paid to Welch.

The owner of the Nicholasville Waffle House released this statement.

"For many years we have had a 'No Firearms' policy in place in our restaurants. We continue to believe this is the best policy for the safety of our customers and associates."

2. Couple charges guests who didn't show up to their wedding

This next story has many divided. What would you do if you couldn't attend a wedding last minute?

A few weeks ago, Jessica Baker was getting ready to go to a wedding with her husband, when her mother called unexpectedly and said she could no longer babysit.

Because the wedding was a "no kids" affair, Baker felt she had no choice but to stay home and miss the event. Baker has since received a bill for the wedding dinner she never got to eat.

Kare11 news shared a picture of the bill and thousands weighed in. Most agreed it was in poor taste and a wedding budget should account for a few last minute no-shows, but a HuffPost wedding blogger says the only excuse to a no-show after an RSVP is death.

3. Florida woman arrested for riding on a sea turtle

Police in Florida arrested a woman after photos of her riding a sea turtle went viral.

Melbourne Police Department arrested 20-year-old Stephanie Moore on a felony warrant relating to the possession, selling or molestation of a marine turtle.

As if a charge like that isn't embarrassing enough, the police department posted the photos and news of the arrest to its Facebook page.

4. Dad and step-dad hold hands as they walk bride down the aisle

One father is being praised by millions on social media for his kind gesture towards his daughter's stepdad.

Wedding photographer Delia Blackburn posted touching photos from Brittany Bachman's Ohio wedding.

According to the post, Todd Bachman was in the middle of walking his daughter down the aisle when he stopped the ceremony.

The photos show the father turning around and grabbing his daughter's stepdad so they could both take part in giving the bride away.

You can see the stepdad tear up. The photographer shared the photos on Facebook saying that there was not a dry eye in the house.

In her post, Blackburn praised Bachman for his selfless act of kindness, writing "Families are what we make them...make it about your kids and not your ego. Congratulations Todd Bachman on showing your kids what true love really is...love for your children."

On that touching note, that's our roundup for the week. Check back next week for a new batch of stories you may have missed.

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