Woman yells 'bear don't eat my kayak' while bear eats kayak

Black Bear Chews On Girl's Kayak
Black Bear Chews On Girl's Kayak

This woman's encounter with Bear - as she addresses the bear - is one of the latest wonders that the Internet brought to us.

The video begins by showing an increasingly upset woman from Southeast Alaska conversing with a big bear that approached her and, most importantly, her beloved kayak. The woman starts by thanking the bear for leaving her kayak alone, but as soon as the bear approaches her, she warns it she will pepper spray it, and she proceeds. As karma bites back, the bear takes it out on her kayak and the escalation of the woman's shouting grows from worry to panic.

Here are some of the best quotes:

%shareLinks-quote="Stop it bear, stop it! Bear! Bear! You are breaking my kayak, why are you breaking my kayak? " type="spreadWord"%

%shareLinks-quote="Why are you doing that? Bear, please stop, please stop bear! It's the end of September, why are you here? You are supposed to be asleep!" type="spreadWord"%

%shareLinks-quote="BEAAAARRRR!!!" type="spreadWord"%

%shareLinks-quote="Please stop breaking my things, bear! " type="spreadWord"%

%shareLinks-quote="It's not even food, it doesn't even taste good, it's just plastic!" type="spreadWord"%

According to the Alaska Daily News the woman was on a long kayak journey and was forced to swim to a nearby sailing boat to get a ride back to a nearby city where she could repair the damage that Bear inflicted to her vessel.

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