Tattoo-like electronic patches take wearable tech to a whole new level

Tattoo-Like Patch Can Monitor Vitals
Scientists are taking wearable technology to a whole new level with tattoo-like electronic patches that track your health. While these patches are incredibly useful to monitor or even improve someone's well being, they were not very easy to make, until now.

A team of researchers at the Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin invented a way to produce inexpensive and highly technological wearable patches that can keep track of your body's vitals and potentially function even better than regular heart monitors. The new method is based on a "cut-and-paste" process that cuts manufacturing costs. A patch, in fact, could be produced in as low as 20 minutes instead of the previous time requirement of several days.

The patches are flexible and ultra thin layers that stick to the skin just like temporary tattoos. According to UT News, these devices have the ability to pick up and transmit the human body's vital signals, tracking heart rate, hydration level, muscle movement, temperature and brain activity. Additionally, the low cost - $1 - and the manufacturing speed make these patches disposable and easily replaceable.

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