Sports fans are overwhelmed with all these daily fantasy advertisements

2 Point Lead: DraftDuel
2 Point Lead: DraftDuel


Do you watch sports? Do you know anybody that watches sports? Do you own a television? Or a radio? Or go outside? If the answer to any of those is yes, then there's about a 100 percent chance that you can rattle off at least five promo codes that will get you free entry into this week's contest!

A daily fantasy contest, that is, which takes the fantasy sports you already play over a full season and boils it into a single day -- or week -- of action. By depositing cash into an online account, the sites are quick to sell you on the opportunity to turn your pocket money into millions. And while they do churn out big winners everyday, there have been enough losers to fund television advertisements is all hours of the day on what seems like every channel you turn.

According to, FanDuel and DraftKings spent upwards of a combined $100 million in television ads during the month of September. The two combined to air more than 25,000 commercials over the course of the month.

People on Twitter -- as people on Twitter tend to do -- have let their voices be heard on the matter.

The two entities have shown no sign of slowing up, and why should they? The sensation is taking over fantasy sports in a monetized way that ESPN and Yahoo could only dream about.

So good luck keeping track of all those promo codes.

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