Police smash car window to rescue doll they thought was a real baby


Janaih Rattray, 10, was at the hospital with her older sister Delesia when she left her toy doll named Ryan on the seat of Delesia's parked car.

Two officers were called to the parking lot of Russells Hall Hospital in Dudley, West Midlands after a concerned passer-by thought a baby had been left alone in the vehicle. Thinking the doll was a real baby, the officers confirmed with nurses that they should take action.

After smashing their way into the car, they discovered that the baby was in fact a little girl's doll wrapped in a blanket. The Rattray family was stunned when they returned to their car and found the back window broken with a note to call the police. Delesia, 20, said:

%shareLinks-quote="The doll does look a bit real, like a baby a few months old, but if you look at the hands, which weren't inside the blanket, and feet you can tell it isn't. I can understand why they broke into the car if they really thought there was a baby inside." type="quote" author="Delesia Rattray" authordesc="" isquoteoftheday=%

Chief Inspector Phil Dolby agrees that because the officers thought the doll was a real baby, they were right to break into the car. He said:

%shareLinks-quote="Two of my officers did the right thing when faced with what they genuinely believed was a baby, alone and critically ill in a locked car on the hospital's car park." type="quote" author="Phil Dolby" authordesc="" isquoteoftheday=%

West Midlands Police will pay for the window to be fixed.

Watch this video to see another instance during which a car break-in occurred to save a baby:

Watch Passerby Smash Car Window to Save Toddler in 110-Degree Heat
Watch Passerby Smash Car Window to Save Toddler in 110-Degree Heat

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