Man fathers 106 babies and counting (most, the 'all natural' way)

Meet the Father of 98 Children
Meet the Father of 98 Children

Meet Ed Houben, the "most fertile man in the world." As GQ reports, this 46-year-old from the Netherlands has fathered 106 children, two-thirds of whom were conceived the natural way (sexual intercourse) and a third via artificial insemination.

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After years of being a sperm donor, Houben began to crave a more personal connection in this process. That's when he began doing house calls, where he would go to client's homes and deliver the sample.

Meet the Babymaker.

Posted by GQ on Thursday, October 1, 2015

From there, things got even more unconventional. As GQ reports, Houben first slept with another man's wife 13 years ago in Amsterdam.

From then on, "the Sperminator," as the media sometimes refers to him, began offering the option of Natural Insemination (NI). Apparently, giving the reason "that a normal schlub like him could make a difference in a woman's—or a couple's—world full of emptiness," as reported by GQ.

%shareLinks-quote="I've helped rich people, poor people, people who in their country are famous. They all come because they've reached a point of desperation with our medical system, and I offer myself as a better option than a one-night stand." type="quote" author="Ed Houben" authordesc="GQ" isquoteoftheday="false"%

Whatever your personal thoughts on this unconventional method, one thing's for certain — Houben is giving the gift of life to so many people, who otherwise would be without.

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