You can grab your own GMO pet micropig for $1,600

Chinese Genomics Institute To Sell Gene-Edited Micropigs As Pets
Chinese Genomics Institute To Sell Gene-Edited Micropigs As Pets

Pigs are cute when they are small, but they inevitably grow out of control and this is a major obstacle for those who want to keep them as pets.

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Looking for a solution to this issue, the Beijing Genomic Institute started altering the genes of these animals in an attempt to create the perfect micropig that looks cute and never grows too big for your apartment. According to The Verge, at a summit in Shenzhen, the institute showed off their creation and announced that the market price for your personal micropig is going to be $1,600, though this may change depending on the request once it hits the market.

The pigs will weight around 33 pounds when fully grown. They were initially created as a simple experiment to test bacteria in their stomachs, but they turned out cuter than expected. The scientists realized that they found a way to produce tiny pigs cheaply and while a number of ethicists have raised concern, the institute is ready to bring its product to the masses.

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