What hitting Jell-O with a tennis racket looks like in slow motion


Slow motion cameras reveal things that the human eye can't normally see, just like we covered some time ago when someone filmed a person getting tased in extreme slow-mo. Now it's time for Jell-O.

The Slow Mo Guys released a new video showing what hitting Jell-O with a racket looks like if time slowed down, and the results are really weird.

Take a look below:

The guys repeatedly hit balls of Jell-O that get sliced in many independent, snake-looking pieces. This is definitely the quickest way to make Jell-O snake, or spaghetti.

Here is the older video they released showing someone getting tased:

This Is What A Taser Looks Like In Slow Motion
This Is What A Taser Looks Like In Slow Motion

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