Two children battling diseases granted 'superhero' wishes

Two Kids Battling Diseases Granted Their 'Superhero' Wishes
By PIX11

Meet 6-year-old Mable and 7-year-old Spencer. The children don't know each other but do have a lot in common.

They love to fight crime and when they're not doing that, they're fighting disease.

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Mable who has been fighting Leukemia for the past two years, got a day off from treatment to handle some bad guys of her own.

Being a huge fan of "Spiderman," her city of Edmonton, Canada came together to grant her wish where she became "Spider Mable" for a day.

The mayor got in on the action and even Spidey himself.

It was a proactive day spent a lot like her counterpart in Florida, Spencer Holt.

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The 7-year-old who suffers from a terminal disease has dreamed of one day of being a police officer who fights zombies.

The Pasco County Sheriff's Department made his dreams a reality.

This week the pint-sized crime fighter came on board as the department's newest recruit.

He wasted no time taking down the zombies who then broke out in dance to "thrill" their 7-year-old co-worker.

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