This company with a 26-year-old CEO is being called Lululemon for hipsters

This company with a 26-year-old CEO is being called Lululemon for hipsters

Outdoor Voices wants to be Lululemon's next major competition.

The young, chic athleisure brand launched in 2012 and has since been gaining traction and attention β€” especially on Instagram, where it has more than 33,000 followers.

The founder of Outdoor Voices is 26-year-old Tyler Haney.

With its high-wasted pants and tiny crop tops, the company appears to be targeting young hipsters with its women's line. The brand also has a men's line.

Here's what we know about Outdoor Voices.

Founder Tyler Haney went to the Parsons design school in New York, where she began going to fabric mills. From there she worked to create a fabric that was sweat-wicking and compression-oriented for the brand's clothes. Now she is CEO of Outdoor Voices.

The design team comes from brands like Calvin Klein, Alexander Wang, and Lululemon. Like those brands, Outdoor Voices' clothing features a subdued color palette.

The brand caters to both men and women, with full clothing lines for each.

High-waisted leggings and a tight, fitted crop top is the signature look for the women's line.

The menswear looks more like Lululemon's men's line.

Women's leggings cost $95, crop tops go for $50, and sports bras are $55. Men's hoodies go for $100, men's tees are $65, and shorts cost $65.

Outdoor Voices is headquartered in Manhattan and includes one shop in Austin, Texas. In an interview with MarieClaire, Haney said the company focused on e-commerce first, retail second, and wholesale third. Online marketing campaigns via social media help create a foundation for recognition of the brand.

Haney used Instagram to launch the brand's first campaign, #DoingThings, which promotes the clothing as comfortable activewear.

J. Crew began featuring some of Outdoor Voices' women's apparel in 2013. Leggings, bras, and tops can be found online at J. Crew.

The brand has seen 30% growth month-to-month throughout 2015, as told by Haney in Forbes. She believes that, with no marketing, the growth is from word of mouth.

Lena Dunham, from the HBO series "Girls," is the biggest celebrity fan of the brand.

This chic activewear brand is the up-and-coming hipster version of Lululemon.

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