Service dog for veteran with PTSD stolen from backyard

A Colorado Springs service dog being trained to help a soldier with post-traumatic stress disorder is missing from his home. The trainer believes that the dog was stolen from his backyard.

Trainer Anthony Archer, a veteran, claimed that the dog, named Hero, went missing on Tuesday after disappearing from the backyard. The 2-year-old German Shepherd-husky mix is part of Mountain High Service Dogs.

Archer said that Hero is not known to run away and there were no signs in the backyard of his escape. Therefore, Archer believes that the dog was stolen. He was taken between 10 AM and 5:30 PM when nobody was home.

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The Archers and the Mountain High Service Dogs are asking for Hero to be returned quickly and safely.

Hopefully Hero will be reunited with his family the same way the service dog in this video was:

Marine Veteran Reunited With Stolen Service Dog

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