New York MTA and Los Angeles Metro exchange jabs on Twitter over Mets and Dodgers

2 Point Lead: Things Mets Fans Say
2 Point Lead: Things Mets Fans Say


The National League Division Series matchup between the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Mets has been official for a few hours, but the competition off the field has already begun. Namely between -- what else? -- the pair of cities' public transportation authorities. On Twitter.

Just minutes after the Dodgers sealed up the National League West and ensured an NLDS bout against New York, the Los Angeles Metro's official account took a playful jab at New York's MTA -- complete with the #LOLMets hashtag that has been recently dormant given a lack of Mets blunders over recent months.

Once morning came on the East Coast, the MTA was quick to respond.

Anyone who has taken the subway can assure that sweepings come few and far between -- but there is this: The 7 line, which transports fans directly to Citi Field, was recently voted the city's best subway line.

The cities will need to wait another week to duke it out on the diamond, but thanks to good old mass transit, the rivalry has already begun.

Update: The feud has continued!

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