Month in space: Sept. 2015


The month of September brought many developments in the study of space, as NASA released mind-blowing photos of evidence that liquid water exists on Mars and that dwarf planet Pluto in fact boasts majestic mountains and frozen icy plains.

Also known as a "Blood Moon," a rare astronomical phenomenon took the world by storm when a total lunar eclipse combined with supermoon and lit up the night's sky in a truly spectacular fashion.

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly, who recently past the halfway mark of his one-year mission on the International Space Station, also shared stunning images of Earth on social media including the Nile River lit up during a nighttime flyover, bands of clouds over the Southwest Pacific and even an aurora light show.

Click through the gallery above to see the most incredible space photos from the past four weeks, and be sure to check back next month for our October selection of more astonishing cosmic photography.

NASA Finds Evidence of Liquid Water on Mars
NASA Finds Evidence of Liquid Water on Mars

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