Everything flight attendants are really thinking during your flights

While everyone endures struggles while flying on a plane, those who deal with the bulk of the issues are the flight attendants. From passengers treating them like servants to passengers attempting to flirt with them, flight attendants often find themselves on the receiving end of disrespectful and frustrating situations. Therefore, several flight attendants took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to share what they're really thinking during flights.

No baby is cute enough to pull off the whole crying on a plane thing:
I'm a flight attendant  And trust me I hate crying babies as much as everyone else does

This passenger needs a serious wake up call:
I'm a flight attendant. Today I got called "servant" by a passenger. We are NOT your servants. We're here primarily for your safety, not to cater to your every whim.

They can't complain to you if they can't find you:
I'm a flight attendant, and I hate dealing with my passengers. I always hide in the galley and play games on my phone.

It's like these people think the planes are made of soda cans:
I'm a flight attendant and sometimes when I'm doing service and someone asks for the whole can of soda I ignore them...

It's certainly a nerve-wracking profession:
I'm a flight attendant and sometimes I'm terrified of my job. I pray I make it home everyday.

It's not quite as thrilling as some may expect:
Being a flight attendant is so lonely. I love my job because I love aviation but it's not as exciting as people think it is.

Bumpy rides make for dry rides:
I'm a flight attendant... I LOVE turbulence bc then I don't have to do a beverage service.

Some feel their skills aren't put to practice often enough:
  As a flight attendant I feel bad that I wish my plane would crash so I could save everyone and people would respect us more.

It's important to have an active imagination:
I'm a flight attendant and in every flight I pick 2-3 people and imagine what their names are and how they live.

Let's make "casual Friday" a daily dress code:
Being a flight attendant is cool and all but these pantyhose and granny shoes gotta go.

The job can complicate relationships:
I'm a flight attendant and it seems impossible to find someone who will accept that I have to travel a lot.

It can also complicate sleep cycles and social lives:
I love being a flight attendant but the hours are so tiring and not having a proper sleep routine makes it even worse, I'm just so exhausted.

Flight attendants have no patience for rude passengers:
I'm a flight attendant. No, I'm not flirting with you and no, I do not want to "join the mile high club". I'm just doing my job.

But in the end, they wouldn't trade the job for anything:
Although being a flight attendant is so tiring, I still love my job and won't give it up for anything else.

For more flight attendant confessions, ​check out Whisper.

Watch this video to find out what flight attendants do when passengers aren't on the plane:

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