Dance your way into tip-top shape with these fun workout routines

Have a Ball and Burn Calories With This Dance Party Workout
Have a Ball and Burn Calories With This Dance Party Workout

While working out and staying in shape might be a priority for you, you may often find yourself feeling bored and unmotivated during your exercises. Yes, the sad truth is that working out is necessary to staying in shape but it's not necessarily the epitome of fun. So, why not take thing up a notch? What if we were to tell you that there are actually workouts that keep you entertained and excited to hit the gym? Well, there are and you need to be clued into them!

Believe it or not, dance workouts are all the rage and the concept of them is steadily exploding all over the world. From Bollywood dance classes to zumba workouts -- these days, when we've tried just about everything to get fit, there's nothing like hitting the studio with a group of your friends and kicking butt while having a great time. So, with that said, here are a few awesome dance workouts that keep you in tip-tip shape.

1) Bollywood dance workouts

2) Hip hop workouts

3) Zumba

4) Reggae fitness

5) Barre

For more workout motivation, click through below for pics of our favorite celebs hitting the gym:

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