Chilling Snapchat posts show hours before woman's murder


Photo: Snapchat

After 21-year-old Stephanie Hernandez moved into her new house, she and her 20-year-old boyfriend Rafael Gonzalez posted pictures to Snapchat of the two of them hanging out in the new space. Some of the pictures featured Gonzalez's gun and its ammunition. In one picture, Gonzalez points the gun at the camera. In another, he points it at Hernandez's head. Hours after posting the pictures, Hernandez was dead.

The mother of two young girls was discovered in her Little Rock, Arkansas home with a gunshot wound. The house was found "ransacked, with blood all over the floor," according to police. Gonzalez was arrested on Monday and is being held without bond.

Photo: Snapchat

Hernandez's family is reportedly caring for her 3-year-old and 8-month-old daughters. Her uncle, Rey Hernandez, said that the Snapchat photos were shocking for the entire family. He said:

%shareLinks-quote="They were disturbing to see him hold a gun. I guess they were loaded. In her is just mind-blowing. I don't understand how anybody can do that." type="quote" author="Rey Hernandez" authordesc="" isquoteoftheday=%

Watch this video for more information on the shooting:

Another relative told local station KATV that Hernandez had moved into the house with Gonzalez and other roommates three weeks before the shooting. Their relationship was known to be unsteady. Hernandez's friend Jaquinlan Davis said that he was so concerned about Gonzalez that he considered convincing Hernandez to leave with him. He said:

%shareLinks-quote="I knew his history and everything, and I knew he was a bad influence. I wanted to tell her. I wanted her to come with me, actually, when I left." type="quote" author="Jaquinlan Davis" authordesc="" isquoteoftheday=%

Gonzalez was charged with the murder of his girlfriend.

Watch this video to see how dangerous gun selfies can be:

Texas Teen Fatally Shoots Himself While Taking Selfie
Texas Teen Fatally Shoots Himself While Taking Selfie

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