Why blotting your pizza with a napkin is totally worth it

Blotting Your Pizza with a Napkin Is Totally Worth It

It's a common pre-pizza-eating practice for many, and it's a subject of hot debate. Thankfully, someone just settled it once and for all. If you like to soak up that top layer of grease from your pizza with a napkin, then you've been winning this whole time.

Labdoor Magazine conducted a study to see if blotting your pizza does any good as far as cutting calories and fat from your meal. Researchers conducted the experiment with a slice from a 14-inch Domino's pepperoni pizza, and found that dabbing it with a napkin cut 40 calories and four and a half grams of fat.

Americans eat about 23 pounds of pizza every year -- that's about 87 slices! But people who blot their pizza from excess grease save so many calories, it's like they're only eating 66 slices per year -- and after a whole year, that's about two pounds worth of calories cut from your diet. I think this means we all deserve an extra slice...as long as we don't run out of napkins.

Check out America's pizza styles:
America's pizza styles
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Why blotting your pizza with a napkin is totally worth it


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California Style

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Chicago Deep Dish

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Detroit Style

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New England Greek

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Colorado Style

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Tomato Pie

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