WATCH: Gay couple tricks 'homophobic' pizza joint into catering wedding


Memories Pizza in Indiana made waves earlier this year when the company announced it would refuse to cater same-sex weddings. Well, it turns out, that's not entirely true because a gay couple just tricked the pizzeria into catering their wedding feast.

The pizza joint made the controversial announcement back in April. According to Memories co-owner Crystal O'Connor, the decision to refuse catering to LGBT weddings was made because the company is a "Christian establishment."

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So when Robin Trevino and his husband, Jason Delgatto, decided to renew their vows this past weekend, the couple knew just who to call.

The couple filmed the whole thing. Trevino is a member of GayCo Ensemble.

As part of the ensemble's current production of 50 States of Gay, Trevino travels with the troupe to a new state each week in celebration of the Supreme Court's decision to legalize same-sex marriage. When Indiana was chosen, Trevino hatched his plan to fool the pizzeria.

The video shows Trevino driving to Memories Pizza in Indiana and picking up some pies -- even ordering them from O'Connor herself. Trevino froze them in a cooler and brought them back to Illinois where he renewed his vows to Delgatto in front of friends, family and the couple's 1-year-old daughter. The wedding party feasted on Memories Pizza afterwards.

The pizzeria drummed up a ton of controversy when their announcement came out in the spring. Many were outraged -- one person even went so far as to buy the website and fill the page with a phallic pizza.

Memories Pizza did have some support from others, raising tens of thousands of dollars online for the pizza place through online crowdfunding.

However, it's pretty safe to say that it was Trevino and Delgatto who had the last laugh.

Watch below to see the chaos that ensued when Memories announced it would refused to cater LGBT weddings:

Indiana Pizza Parlor Won't Cater Gay Weddings
Indiana Pizza Parlor Won't Cater Gay Weddings

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