Supermodel Natalia Vodianova talks dreamy Calvin Klein campaign, Naked Heart Foundation and new 'good on the go' app


Photo: Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin for Calvin Klein


After 10 years of beautiful euphoria Calvin Klein campaigns that immersed us in our deepest and dreamiest fantasies, Natalia Vodianova, the original face of the fragrance, returns in a passionate, fresh and truly euphoric global advertising campaign set on a stunning Hawaiian beach. Purchase euphoria here. Or, purchase euphoria essence here.

Supermodel and philanthropist Vodianova was the perfect choice to represent the sophisticated, dreamy fragrance complete with seductive floral undertones and a rich, creamy signature. Vodianova herself epitomizes "freeing the fantasy" with a thriving career, four beautiful children and her own charity, the Naked Heart Foundation, that she holds near and dear to her heart. The charity works to decrease child abandonment in Russia, builds parks and playgrounds in places that don't have the necessary resources and creates a network of family support centers for children with special needs and their families. The Naked Heart Foundation's official mission reads:

%shareLinks-quote="Our mission - to ensure that every child has a loving family, and a safe and stimulating place to play, the two things essential for a happy, fulfilling childhood. If each of us contributes, our children's lives can be transformed!" type="quote" author="Naked Heart Foundation" authordesc="" isquoteoftheday=%

The female powerhouse radiates beauty both inside and outside and her activism for those in need speaks volumes of her caring character. Paired with hunky male model Tyson Ballou, Vodianova gorgeously captures the essence of euphoria in this campaign.

In addition, Vodianova has a wide social media presence. With 820,000 Instagram followers, the supermodel appears to be living the dream as she posts inspiring pictures of her multiple Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan and Glamour cover shoots, her outings with female sensations including Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift, her involvement with the Naked Heart Foundation and her advocacy for her newest project, "Elbi," an app that enables people to do daily good deeds.

We were lucky enough to sit down and chat with the supermodel/philanthropist about shooting the campaign in such an inspiring setting, how she brilliantly balances her many priorities and how the fashion industry supports her charity work.

What was your favorite thing about shooting this Calvin Klein ad campaign?

Being in the tropical setting and actually being outside with real wind in the hair and real sand. I liked not having to fake the feeling of euphoria. It was shot on Eternity Beach in Hawaii.

Was there ever an awkward moment while filming the campaign? How do you stay so focused and in the moment with so many people watching with cameras on you?

No actually it was really easy! We just stayed focused and continued doing what was directed. I don't recall any awkward moments. The most awkward one was trying to walk in this huge dress! It was super long in the front as well as the back so I had maybe 10 people holding the dress up.

Photo: Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin for Calvin Klein

Is there something you always do to get in the zone before a shoot?

I get in the zone by putting the hair and makeup on. And just being in the atmosphere, once you're ready you feel like you are this woman. It's crazy and it always works that way no matter what you're being challenged to do next.

Talk to me about how you got discovered when you were 17! I read a little bit about your story and it's amazing.

I was going to a modeling school since I was 16 in my hometown. My boyfriend at the time was a model as well and said I should come and join the academy. I felt completely not set for it, but he said I would be great so I did it for a very short time for three months. I did one show and I made $50 and I remember that so well because it was huge money for me. The next thing I knew the agency called me and said there was an international scout casting. Long story short, eventually I ended up in Paris.

Do you get to keep any of the outfits you wear?

Sure! When I really love something or if I wore it to a very special project or something very close to my heart like one of my charity events, I usually keep it as a memory.

Photo: Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin for Calvin Klein

Will you tell me a bit about your charity work and what it means to you?

My most recent one is Elbi. I have my own charity, Naked Heart Foundation, and from experience with that I launched Elbi which is a platform that brings the power of the social and digital world to charities. Today we are all connected through these incredible devices through the Internet and social media, but charities are really lagging behind when it comes to embracing technology. We've created an app that helps them to connect with donors and beneficiaries.

You have both an amazing family and a crazy successful career. Do you have a trick or secret to raising four children in addition to thriving in your profession?

I guess the way I do it is I prioritize depending on where I'm needed the most. I try to maximize my time. When my children are at school, that's when I work. When I pick them up from school, I try to do everything with them. From bathing them to putting them to sleep and picking them up from school and being there for them. When I work, I work really really hard.

I see from your Instagram that you're friendly with Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift. These women are known for having a group of powerhouse female friends who all support and inspire each other. How would you say these women help and inspire you in your professional pursuits?

It's all about supporting each other. It's really inspiring when you feel supported. In fact, the fashion industry as a whole has been an incredible driving force behind the Naked Heart Foundation, my charity. The charity wouldn't be able to do this incredible work if we were not endorsed by the industry. The photographers donate their sittings, Mr. Valentino sold a wedding dress for 600,000 Euros at a Naked Heart Foundation auction, for example. And that's a lot of money and this is how we live and this is how we fundraise. Money can buy experiences for people who can afford it but who are also happy that they're not just throwing this money away. They feel good because they have a great show but they're also donating an incredible amount to charity for a very worthy cause.

What advice do you have for aspiring models trying to make it in the industry?

Work hard and be yourself. Be very nice because no matter how special you are, you're working with real people. In this industry in particular, someone who you think you can be a little catty with today might be in a very important position tomorrow and will remember how catty you were. He or she will be like 'I've seen that other side of you and I don't want to work with you.' So you have to be nice to everyone. It's an important thing to know because girls come in thinking they're stars and that they can treat people poorly sometimes and it doesn't work. That's not appreciated.

Click through this slideshow for more amazing photos of Vodianova's euphoria Calvin Klein ad campaign shoot:

Watch this video to learn more about Vodianova and the Naked Heart Foundation:

Supermodel Natalia Vodianova LIVE
Supermodel Natalia Vodianova LIVE

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