People confess the weirdest things they do when bored at work

Even for those who love their jobs, everyone experiences bouts of boredom in the office from time to time. When working a desk job, it can be difficult to find activities to pass the time when all work and projects are complete. Sometimes, you just need to get creative. Several people took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to share what they do when they're bored at work.

Some bosses can be quite entertaining:
I engage my boss in idle chit-chat when I get bored at work because I know he will just keep going on for at least an hour if I let him.

The real American Dream is not needing a job:
When I'm bored at work I like to write resignation letters because even though I can't afford to quit right now it makes me feel better to pretend I can.

It's important to have an active fantasy life:
Sometimes, when I'm bored at work, I change my desktop theme to places around the world and flip through the beautiful pictures and pretend I'm traveling the world.

People really go the distance and push their limits at work:
When I'm bored at work I see how much water can fit in my mouth from the water cooler

You're never too old for arts and crafts:
Sometimes at work when I get bored, I use the office supplies like arts and crafts.

Perhaps this person's in the wrong profession:
When I'm really bored at work, I start narrating what I'm doing in a game show announcer voice in my head.

Dance like nobody's watching:
Sometimes when I'm bored at work and no one is around or I'm alone in an elevator I just dance for no reason to nothing.

Her office must have prime Insta lighting:
I'm not normally one to take selfies but when I'm bored and alone at work I suddenly become a supermodel.

Some people have very unique interests:
When I'm bored at work I take photos of gummy bears They are best friends

Now you know who to call if you ever get locked out:
Whenever I'm bored at work I think about ways I could break into the office if I ever get locked out

When I get bored at work I move stuff around to confuse people... Not even sorry!

This one's pretty brilliant:
When I'm really bored at work I like to write "I'm watching you" on the toilet paper a few squares in just to mess with people.

May the force be with you:
When I'm bored at work I make lightsaber noises with my pen... Today I got caught.

Quality signatures are really important:
I practice my signature for hours at work when I get bored

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Watch this video to see what it feels like to be bored at work:

What It Feels Like to Be Bored at Work

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