Owners want answers after Coronado cops kill dog

Family Wants Answers After Cops Kill Dog

CORONADO, Calif. – A family in Coronado was seeking justice Monday for their dog who died after police used their Tasers on him Saturday evening.

Coronado police received a call that an aggressive dog was running loose in Centennial Park barking at people, according to Coronado police Capt. Laszlo Waczek. When police officers arrived at the park at Orange Avenue and 1st Street, they witnessed the dog lunge at a person.

An officer thought he saw the dog bite a person, but it turned out he grabbed onto some clothing, Waczek said.

"The dog charged at the officer when the officer used a Taser to subdue the dog in an attempt to capture it," the police captain said. "The dog actually got up and ran away."

Police were able to track down the dog a second time and used their Taser on it again, police said. Then, they took the animal into custody.

Roclynn Nosek, owner of the long-haired German Shepherd named Smokey, said he got out of the condo unit. She posted on a Facebook group page that the veterinarian said Smokey passed due to being tasered.

"We are beside ourselves. Smokey was the friendliest sweetest most wonderful child we could have ever asked for. He was in the prime of his life and healthy as an ox. Our hearts are bleeding for him and we will get to the bottom of this. There will be justice for Smokey," Nosek said.

Waczek told FOX 5 officers are here for public safety and people should keep their dogs inside.

"This dog was reported to us as being aggressive. We took necessary actions to capture the dog," Waczek said. "The officer felt the Taser was the best tool to apprehend the dog."

"We're all dog owners. We're not out to hurt animals. We're here for the public's safety," he said. "We had an aggressive dog attacking us, we do what we need to do to stop the attack," Waczek added.

Nosek asked for anyone with knowledge of facts about the rules of the police procedures involving animals to contact her.

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