Olivia Palermo x BaubleBar is truly magical


As BaubleBar's current 'Guest Bartender,' fashion icon Olivia Palermo has created a stunning collection titled 'Everything Bold is New Again.' Palermo drew her inspiration for the collection from her love of vintage jewelry, which shines through every seemingly antiquated brooch, bangle and drop earring.

The collaboration looks like a page straight off Blake Lively's lifestyle and shopping site, Preserve, with its warm, dark color scheme that incorporates gold and natural elements. Many pieces in the collection are actually the perfect combination of 'vintage jewelry meets the great outdoors,' featuring items like a gold cuff with an oversized black and gold bumblebee and a necklace with a gold, bejeweled elephant pendant.

Brooches harking back to the 1930s are perhaps the most intriguing facet of Palermo's designs. These pieces will offer a rebellious flair when inevitably paired with the 1970s-era styles that appear to have made their official return to fashion. We have to admit, pinning one of the breast pins on a sweater to wear with our new (or old) bellbottoms does sound especially chic, no?

The fashionista has always been known for her groundbreaking style risks -- remember her wedding dress that was actually a pair of shorts? -- so it's not surprising to see such bold styles. What is remarkable, however, is the price tag on each piece, all of which sell for under $100. It's not often that we can afford to replicate Palermo's sophisticated ensembles, but thanks to BaubleBar we finally can!

Some of our favorite pieces from the collection include the Queen Bee Cuff, the North Star Brooch Set and the Versailles Ear Jackets.

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