Netflix brings binge-watching to the sky by letting you stream on airplanes

Virgin America and Netflix Bring Binge-Watching to the Sky
Virgin America and Netflix Bring Binge-Watching to the Sky

Now that you can binge-watch your favorite series on airplanes, you are going to wish your flights were longer.

Starting in November, Virgin America will activate Netflix service on its Airbus A329 airplanes since their WiFi systems are strong enough to support movie streaming even above the ground. This is a great step for the company, that could potentially expand to other airlines when their on-board Internet service improves bandwidth. Competitors like Amazon have activated the option to download movies on devices and watch them offline, allowing users to bring their shows on flights, but Netflix is still stirring away from the offline option. According to Engadget, the service will be free until March 2016.

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