Lunch will be just as fun to make as it will be to eat with these mac and cheese creations

This Delicious Mac 'N' Cheese BLT Will Change Your Life
This Delicious Mac 'N' Cheese BLT Will Change Your Life

They scream, you scream, we all scream for MAC AND CHEESE! If you love this creamy, cheesy, delicious creation as much as we do, then you're doing to love what we're about to tell you. It's no secret that macaroni and cheese is a highly favored lunch meal amongst not only children, but adults as well all over the world. Whether you're "dressing it up" as a side dish for a fancy meal, or eating it by itself -- mac and cheese is arguably one of the greatest comfort foods bestowed upon us by the pasta Gods.

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But what if we were to ask you how many ways you've had mac and cheese? Unless you're a food tasting guru, you'd probably only say one -- in its traditional form, aka the pasta lathered in cheese. Don't get us wrong, this is the most common way to eat mac and cheese and it's basically ALWAYS delicious. But here's the thing -- there are so many ways to eat this meal that you're probably completely unaware of. Let's take a look at a few below. Get ready to drool!

1) Meatball mac and cheese stuffed peppers

2) Mac and cheese grilled cheese

3) Mac and cheese pizza

4) Mac attack burger

5) Mac and cheese stuffed fried zucchini

6) Mac and cheese quesadilla

7) Mac and cheese meatball sandwiches

Click through below for more delicious weeknight dishes:

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