Blast from the past! Watch young Taylor Swift play murder victim on 'CSI'

26 Moments in Taylor Swift's Rise To Fame
26 Moments in Taylor Swift's Rise To Fame

Talk about a trip down memory lane!

As you may know, the world said goodbye to CSI this weekend, after 15 years on air. In honor of the two-hour series finale this past Sunday, E! News dug up some of the best throwback CSI footage, which features none other than our girl, Taylor Swift.

In the 2009 CSI episode "Turn, Turn, Turn," a 19-year-old Swift plays murder victim, Haley Jones. Although it was just six years ago, Swift looks so young!

CSI:  Crime Scene Investigation, Season Nine
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Season Nine

2009 Taylor Swift was still strictly a country singer, who had just released singles like "White Horse", "You Belong with Me" and "Fifteen." Flash-forward six years, and Swift has become a true pop phenomenon.

With so much fame now, it's sometimes hard to remember Swift as a young curly-haired country singer just starting out. Watch the clip below to see Swift's acting chops.

Want more retro T. Swift? Click through the gallery below to see the singer through the years:

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