The 'Pooch Selfie' allows you and your dogs to take better selfies

Smartphone Attachment Helps You Get a Selfie With Your Dog
Smartphone Attachment Helps You Get a Selfie With Your Dog

I think we could all admit that we have tried way too many times to take the perfect selfie with our dogs. Every time we go and snap the pic, they end up looking away, as if they are some celeb dog that doesn't want their photo taken.

Fellow dog lovers rejoice; you are now in luck thanks to the "Pooch Selfie." Yes, this is a selfie-stick that helps you take a better selfie with your dog.

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The "Pooch Selfie," which is featured on Kickstarter, is a device that helps garner the attention of your precious pooch. "Pooch Selfie is a smartphone attachment which helps pet owners take better pictures and selfies with their dogs," the website states.

Pretty genius, right? The trick is to help your dog focus on the toy above the camera, allowing for you to take the perfect selfie, and thus upload to social media for all to see. Below are some examples of the device in use.

The "Pooch Selfie" currently has a total of 658 backers and over $15K raised, more than double of it's initial goal of $7,000.

Go out, purchase one, and take the best selfie you have ever taken!

Want more pics of dogs? Who doesn't! Click through the gallery below.

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