Heap of marijuana falls from the sky and crushes family doghouse


On September 8 as an Arizona family slept, a large heap of marijuana fell from the sky and crushed the family's doghouse. While Maya Donelly was woken by the crashing noise, she went back to sleep assuming it was just a storm.

The next day, however, Donnelly saw large pieces of wood in her garden and went to investigate. She found a large package wrapped in black plastic on top of her pet dog's house. She discovered that the package contained 26 pounds of marijuana, worth $10,000. Donelly said:

"It's all right on top of our dog's house, It just made a perfectly round hole through our carport."

Police are now investigating to find out if the bundle was transported by an aircraft of a pilotless drone. As the family lives near the border between the U.S. and Mexico, officers say an aircraft probably dropped the package while smuggling drugs from Mexico to the U.S. Police chief Derek Arnson said:

"Someone definitely made a mistake, and who knows what the outcome of that mistake might be for them."

The family will have to pay for the repairs to their house and doghouse themselves. The drugs are now in police custody after the family called the police to report the incident.

Watch this video to see how unsuccessful drug-smuggling drones can be:

Drug-Smuggling Drone Crashes Near US-Mexico Border
Drug-Smuggling Drone Crashes Near US-Mexico Border

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