Burger King's black Halloween Whopper doesn't look so bad in real life

Making good on its threat, Burger King is unleashing the black Whopper today, the first in what Grub can only hope is a brief era of American black-bun burgers. (The U.K. is apparently getting it, too.) The chain is marketing it as the Halloween Whopper, drawing on its creepy shock value.

While its Japanese counterpart kind of looked like it slithered out of a sewer, this one, aside from its "spooky" bun, is otherwise an entirely normal Whopper, just with a helping of A.1. sauce slathered on top.

And yes, the wrapper appears to be a mummy head:

This isn't the first time Burger King has tried out black buns, though! Check out the video below to see when they introduced the concept in Japan.

Black Burgers Back in Japan
Black Burgers Back in Japan

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