Warren Buffett once again wears an NFL player's jersey to a game -- but this time there is a twist

The Billionaires' Promise
The Billionaires' Promise

Warren Buffett is apparently a huge Ndamukong Suh fan. For the second time in two years, Buffett showed up to an NFL game in one of Suh's jerseys, when he appeared at Sunday's Dolphins game in Miami.

However, this time there was a twist. After wearing Suh's Lions jersey to a game last season (above), Buffett was in a No. 93 Dolphins jersey on Sunday — with shoulder pads!

The fandom is not accidental. Buffett has been a bit of a business mentor to Suh since his days at the University of Nebraska when former Nebraska coach Tom Osborne helped arrange a meeting between the two. Since then, Buffett has allowed Suh to "shadow" him at times, according to the Miami Sun-Sentinel.

Suh has done that. He has sat in Berkshire Hathaway meetings. He has met with Buffett for lunch. He mock-arm-wrestled Buffett for charity once and on the business channel CNBC a second time, losing both times..."Every time, we have a great conversation," Suh said. "And they're really conversations around the concepts of business or understanding commodities, how can all work together. It's not [Buffett saying], 'You should go pick this stock' ... He knows my goals, and he's like, 'You should think about this' or 'This is some advice from people I've worked with.' It's also him with open arms saying, if you want to learn about something else, if you want to learn about the aviation business -- which is something I'm very into -- he said, 'I own NetJets' and opened the door for me to go out and learn from those people.''

This past off-season, Suh signed a $114 million free agent contract with the Dolphins.

In a world where we hear far too many sad stories of professional athletes blowing immense fortunes, it is refreshing to see that some athletes have taken a keen interest in not only being responsible for their finances but also to seek out somebody like Buffett in an attempt to be more than just a rich athlete.

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