Hunter breaks leg in the wild, crawls for four days to safety

Injured Hunter Dad Thought He Would Die in Wild But Crawled to Safety
Injured Hunter Dad Thought He Would Die in Wild But Crawled to Safety

A hunter who broke his leg while hunting in Idaho is now recovering in a hospital after crawling four days to safety.

When John Sain, 50, broke the leg while on a hunting trip near McCall, Idaho last week, he felt helpless. He told the Associated Press:

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Sain was following an elk through some rough terrain when his foot slipped between two logs. He ended up breaking the leg in two different places. The injury left him in unbearable and excruciating pain.

Stranded and alone for miles, Sain admitted he thought about cutting his life short to end the misery. He even went so far as to write farewell letters to his wife and children.

"Contemplated on just ending it right there honestly," he said.

But just after finishing writing the letters, the Idaho man changed his mind. He said he had too much to lose:

"The main reason I fought to get out was for my family and by the grace of God," he told the Press Enterprise.

An experienced hunter, Sain fashioned himself a splint from sticks found in the wilderness and cloth and began an epic journey to safety. His leg broken, he could only crawl through the woods.

Fortunately, the Associated Press reported that Sain had some tools for survival with him, including a water purifier. He also was able to build fires to stay warm.

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Sain couldn't help but thank the big man upstairs for the rescue:

"I was praying the whole way that it would happen and it did. My prayers were answered for sure."

The motorcyclists chopped down some trees to get access to him and clear a space for a medical helicopter. Sain was transported to a nearby hospital where he was recovering.

His wife Jennifer Sain said the entire incident seems surreal.

"It was hard just knowing that he's out in the hills just trying to stay alive...It still doesn't seem real to me," she told the Associated Press.

Despite the entire event, Sain isn't swearing off hunting alone. He plans to go again, but will bring a GPS with him next time.

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