7 Avril Lavigne songs that prove why she is a punk rock goddess

Avril Lavigne - Mini Biography
Avril Lavigne - Mini Biography

Punk-rock goddess, Avril Lavigne turns 31 today! Avril looks just as good as she did back in 2002...we'd love to get your secret.

Aside from her inability to age, Avril has graced with amazing punk-rock anthems that got every teenager in the early 2000s, jamming out until their portable CD players' batteries died. From "Sk8er Boi" to "Complicated," Avril had the ability to produce songs that you would be dancing around in your room in one second, then sobbing uncontrollably the next.

In order to celebrate the now 31-year-old singer, we've decided to list of some of our favorite Avril Lavigne songs. Transport back to the early 2000s, rev up your old screen name, and turn up the volume and get ready to jam out/cry for hours.

1.) "Sk8er Boi"

2.) "Girlfriend"

3.) "When You're Gone"

4.) "Complicated"

5.) "I'm with You"

6.) "Here's to Never Growing Up"

7.) "What the Hell"

What from our list is your favorite Avril Lavigne song? Let us know in the poll below!

Want more Avril? Click through the gallery below!

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