This robot lets your pets send you selfies

PetBot Will Bribe Your Pet With Treats in Return For a Selfie
PetBot Will Bribe Your Pet With Treats in Return For a Selfie

Taking selfies is pretty hard when you are a dog, but technology is here to solve the problem.

PetBot is a cubic device that lets you surveil your pets remotely while making it fun for them to interact with it and even letting them send you selfies. The bot is a treat dispenser with a built-in camera that can detect when your dog is in front of it and take a photo, which will be sent directly to your phone. Additionally, you can control the bot when you are far away and make sure that your pets are entertained with daily activities. The device emits sounds at your command and dispenses treats to keep your furry friends from getting bored throughout the day when you are not home.

PetBot is currently raising funds from an Indiegogo campaign that aims to reach $80,000 to go into full scale production. From the campaign's page, you can pre order your own device for $149.

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