You won't believe what Kansas City cleaners did after finding large sum of money in customer's pants

Kansas City Cleaners Has Clean Conscience After It Finds, Returns $1600 to Customer
Kansas City Cleaners Has Clean Conscience After It Finds, Returns $1600 to Customer

While Kristin Foltz has found an abundance of stray items left in pockets while working at Fifth Avenue Cleaners, her recent, most lucrative discovery could have easily tempted to keep it for herself. Foltz found $1,600 in the pocket of a customer's pants. She said:

"He came in, dropped off [his] pants, [I] went through the pockets to tag it, to get inventory and there was a substantial amount of money in it."

As it turned out, the pants and money belonged to musician John Paris. He had just returned from a trip to Greece and forgot to check his pockets before sending his clothes to be dry-cleaned. Paris said:

"When I came home I thought about the money. I said 'What happened to the money? What did I do with the money?' I knew it was in my pants."

Rather than taking the money for herself, Foltz put the money in the company safe until Paris could return to Fifth Avenue Cleaners to pick it up. Paris said:

"They are so nice. I don't know other people who would do that. I didn't have any proof. They could've said 'you put the pants here, you should look in the pants before you dropped them here.' So I'm really happy, I'm really happy."

Foltz said doing the right thing was a no-brainer for her. She wouldn't think twice about doing the same thing all over again. She said:

"I don't want that kind of karma. I'm not that kind of person, and neither is anyone who works here. He obviously needed it for a reason."

Paris said that Foltz reminded him that there are still honest, decent people in the world. There's no dollar amount you can put on that.

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