This major hack makes your iPhone highly vulnerable if you have iOS 9


Masses of Apple fans who couldn't wait to upgrade their phones to iOS 9 made their devices very vulnerable to a simple hack that lets anyone access all their contact information and photos.

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Youtube user EverythingApplePro revealed the breach in a video that shows the step to bypass access to a device without having the password. By using a series of steps that include "distracting" Siri, the user is able to peek into parts of the phone that normally would be blocked in the background until a passcode is entered.

While your device can't be hacked remotely, this is still a big issue that Apple hasn't fixed yet. Fortunately there is a way to keep you phone safe until the bug is fixed. All you have to do is give on using your digital assistant and simply disable Siri. Even the latest 9.0.1 update has not solved the problem but it is definitely something that the company will need to address very soon.

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