Take your smoothie-making skills to a whole new level with these easy hacks

5 Ways You're Making Smoothies Wrong
5 Ways You're Making Smoothies Wrong

Arguably one of our favorite perfectly sweet and delicious drinks is the smoothie. They're easy to make, a great snack and not to mention, they're so stinkin' good! While it's often a piece of cake to whip up one of these babies, occasionally, making a smoothie can ironically be anything BUT smooth. So, for those of you who have ever had a smoothie party foul, we're here to help. Smoothie hacks are all to real, and all to amazing. We're about to take your smoothie game to another level and help your perfect the art of making these fruity drinks. It's time to sip easy!

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1) Frozen smoothie cups

  • Blend your smoothie over the weekend

  • Freeze in muffin tins.

  • Throw smoothie cups in a blender for breakfast

2) Say goodbye to the pitcher

Most detachable blade blenders can accommodate a small mason jar. You can blend and then take your smoothie on the go.

3) All ice, all the time

Freeze coffee in ice cube trays and add it to your blender the next time you make a smoothie.

4) Save and store bananas

  • Store bananas in the freezer

  • Peel and chop them

  • Toss into blender

5) Go green

Sneak spinach, kale or broccoli into your blender if you want more greens in your life

6) Boost with protein

Add protein powder into the mix for a little umph.

7) Indulge dairy-free

Use avocado or instant pudding mix to add creaminess.

8) Gain some grains

Add rolled oats or a few spoonfuls of cooked oatmeal.

9) Protect your blades

Add liquid or yogurt first, then soft fruits, vegetables, and ice on top.

10) Lose a little liquid

Begin with less milk or water. It's easier to add more soy milk or water afterwards.

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