Shop this video: Step into instantly-slimming pants

Shop this video: Step into instantly-slimming pants

Let's talk trends. Two of the hottest pants styles right now are actually polar opposites: fit and flare. On the fit side, you've seen leather pants in every magazine and on every celebrity. But if you've ever tried buying those pants, you know that they can cost up to $1000 dollars. This Blank NYC faux leather version gives you the same look for under $100. When it comes to flare, the fashion world can't get enough of 70s revival, which means that we're once again embracing wide-legged jeans. The benefit of this style? It makes your legs look long and skinny. Even if you're hesitant to invest in flares, this stretch-denim pair from Blank NYC is a wallet-friendly way to try the look. Best of all? Both styles have higher waists, which means the jeans work like shapewear to keep that torso looking svelte. Fit. Flare. Fashion. Consider yourself ready for fall.

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