Here are the 5 highest-paid professional gamers in the world

Meet the 'Sports' Stars of the Future
Meet the 'Sports' Stars of the Future

Professional gamers can make a lot of money. How much? To give you an idea, we compiled a list with the five most paid gamers in the world, and the amount of money they get is stellar. E-sports are an emerging business that is moving masses to gravitate around tournaments and gaming idols, as well as convincing sponsors to support the movement with franchises and partnerships.

This list considers only the money made from tournaments, so keep in mind that the actual amount of money these gamers make could be way higher. Here it goes:

5. Zhang "xioa8" Ning - $1,662,202.73 from 44 tournaments
Ning is the captains of the Newbee team, which won the "Dota 2" TI4 Grand Finals in Seattle.

4. Clinton "Fear" Loomis - $1,735,983.84 from 44 tournaments
He is one of the Evil Geniuses team and made more than $1.3 million from "The International," the biggest "Dota 2" tournament of the year.

3. Kurtis "Aui_2000" Ling - $1,881,147.04 from 47 tournaments
This Canadian player is only 22 years old and he is one of the youngest, highest paid gamers.

2. Peter "ppd" Dager - $1,961,183.29 from 33 tournaments
Another "Dota 2" player, this time from the United States

1. Saahil "UNIVeRsE" Arora - $1,964,038.64 from 39 tournaments.
At number one, with almost $2 million, another American gamer that took home more than $1.3 million from just one tournament.

We know you are probably thinking that you should have invested more time in video games at this point.

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