5 roles that show us why we love Will Smith

Top 10 Will Smith Movies
Top 10 Will Smith Movies

Happy 47th Birthday, Will Smith!

Yes, the Hollywood superstar who just gets better with age turned 47 today! The West Philadelphia native has been in the pop culture zeitgeist ever since his debut in "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air." The show, which very much mimicked his real life, was just the start of an impressive career in Hollywood.

Smith has had a variety of blockbuster hits since the beginning of his career, and we decided to honor those on his birthday. We've created a small, non-comprehensive list of some of his best roles, defining why we love the actor. Scroll through and let us know if you agree!

1.) "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"
If it would be silly of us not to include "Fresh Prince." This show was just the launching pad of his career and was as funny as ever. Not to mention, the theme song is one 90s kids far and wide can recite forwards and backwards.

2.) "Independence Day"
This end of the world type movie great start of one of his first roles. The subject matter might be pretty scary, but knowing Will Smith was there to save the day made everything a whole lot better.

3.) "Bad Boys"
Martin Lawrence, Tea Leoni, what more could you want from this 90s flick? "Bad Boys" was a huge success for Will and rightfully so, because the movie is pretty great.

4.) "The Pursuit of Happiness"
After taking a break from the action movies, Will Smith starred in this touching story as a single father who tries to do the best he can for himself and his son (also played by real-life son, Jaden). If you need a tear-jerker, watch this.

5.) "Men in Black"
When you think quintessential Will Smith film, odds are you think of "Men in Black." Working as a MIB agent, Will's tasked with protecting NYC from any intergalactic terrorists. Crazy plot? Yes. Great movie? Absolutely.

Which of our picks is your favorite Will Smith role? Let us know in the poll below!

Remember when Will rapped with Jimmy Fallon? Take a peek at the gallery below!

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