You'll never look at the toaster the same way again after these life-changing hacks

How to Make Toaster Oven S'mores
How to Make Toaster Oven S'mores

If you think the toaster oven is solely for making toast, think again! Sure, it was great for the college days when melted cheese on toast was our daily lunch meal, but there's so much more to a toaster oven that you probably realize. All we're trying to say is, we should all give this awesome device a little more credit.

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Mostly known as a quick breakfast appliance, the toaster oven has probably helped you get through your morning with ease more times than one. Today, we're here to show you just how much happiness this appliance can actually bring your life (and tummy). From lunch, to breakfast, to dinner -- here are seven toaster oven hacks you have to see to believe.

1) Lazy grilled cheese

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  • Turn your upright toaster on its side

  • Place a piece of bread with a very flat piece of cheese on it

  • Repeat your method, slapping the two pieces together

2. Twice baked potatoes

For an even richer potato, use some of the extra bacon fat on the inside of the scooped out potato skin.

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3. Basic baked eggs

Use ramekins and a dozen eggs for quick baked eggs. Add some milk or cream to add a bit of creaminess.

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4. Toaster bacon

If you are cooking bacon with a lot of fat watch as it cooks in case there's a lot of grease.

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5. Hash brown cups

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  • Throw in crème fraiche, roasted vegetables, or a poached egg.

  • Use a six-cup muffin pan that will fit in the toaster oven.

6. Cranberry orange toaster oven cookies

Use quick-cooking oats, dried cranberries, orange zest, orange juice, and whole wheat flour for the bestl lunch ever.

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7. Toaster oven hardboiled eggs

It's unusual, but great if you're without a stovetop or can't boil water.

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