This startup sends helicopters for $95 to pick you up so you can avoid pope traffic

Tap, Tap, Tap, Fly: BLADE, The New Helicopter App
Tap, Tap, Tap, Fly: BLADE, The New Helicopter App

It's basically Uber for helicopters, and it's cheaper than you may think.

With New York City panicking for the traffic that the joint visit of the pope, Obama and 200 United Nations foreign leaders can cause, Blade, a relatively new startup that was valued at $25 million, lets you avoid any waste of time on the road by picking you up with a helicopter at the click of a button. The company, which normally operates between Manhattan and the Hamptons or Fire Island at a cost of $575 per seat, will let people take trans-Manhattan rides for the moderate price of $95.

You can book your own flying ride withe the Blade app, but don't expect to see the pope from above, since the helicopter won't fly above the island, but rather around it, which will still five you a pretty good view.

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