These cupcake hacks will make you the life of every party

Hacks to Take Your Dessert Game to the Next Level
Hacks to Take Your Dessert Game to the Next Level

Ah, cupcakes -- our favorite, adorable dessert treat! Who can say no to a delicious, perfectly frosted cupcake? Not only do they come in the cutest size and form ever, but they're tasty beyond words. So, whether you're a pro baker or you've made a cake once or twice, you'll certainly benefit from a few incredibly easy cupcake hacks. When we say we're actually about to change your baking game, we mean it.

Things are going to get sticky (in the best way possible)! So, let's get started, shall we. These cupcake tricks will make you the life of every party and will guarantee tons of "ooohs and ahhhs" from your family and friends.

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1) Make a gorgeous lace topper

Place a piece of lace over the top of a cupcake and dust with powdered sugar.

2) Marshmallow icing

Place a large marshmallow on top while baking.

3) Two-ingredient cupcakes

Mix light cake mixes with light sodas and darker cake mixes with darker sodas. Bake according to the box.

4) Campfire cupcakes

Pour prepared cake batter in a hollowed-out peel then wrap in foil. Place on hot coals or next to your campfire.

5) Eat a cupcake the RIGHT way

Peel off the wrapper, gently twist off the bottom half of the cupcake, and sandwich it on top for a mess-free dessert.

6) Ice cream cone cupcakes

Sub your cupcake liner for flat-bottomed cones for a festive sweet treat.

7) Hi-hat cupcakes

Top your cupcakes with a light and fluffy meringue frosting then let it set in the refrigerator. Dip into melted chocolate and use a spoon to coat the sides to make sure all of the frosting is covered.

8) Double-decker edible chocolate wrapper

Melt cocoa candies in the microwave and then line foil wrappers. Let harden, then remove and bake your cupcakes separately. Add them to the chocolate wrapper and enjoy.

9) Candy melt decorations

Use molds or cookie cutters on wax paper. Get creative!

10) Center-filled cupcakes

Using a piping bag tip. Fill with cream, frosting, ganache or caramel.

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