Netflix says these are the episodes of your favorite TV shows that got you hopelessly addicted

Netflix Thinks It Knows Exactly When You Start Binge-Watching
Netflix Thinks It Knows Exactly When You Start Binge-Watching

Netflix is on a mission to bring down the "pilot" system of television, in which a TV show lives or dies on the success of its first episode.

And now Netflix has some hard data to back up its position. Netflix has done some analysis on which episode of a TV series actually gets us hooked, and it varies series by series, according to The Verge. The data point Netflix focused on was the one special episode after which 70% of people kept watching until the end of the season -- in other words, the episode that got them addicted to the show.

Some shows took longer to grab viewers, like "How I Met Your Mother," whose pivotal episode was number 8 ("The Duel"). Others bewitched the audience from the start: "Sons of Anarchy" and "Breaking Bad" both took just until episode 2.

Below you'll find 25 of the most popular Netflix shows -- in alphabetical order -- along with their respective "turning point" episode and accompanying Netflix description of the episode.

Arrow: Episode 8

Vendetta: Oliver trains Helena to be his ally. Later, her pursuit of vengeance leads Helena to kill the leader of the triad.

Bates Motel: Episode 2

Nice Town You Picked, Norma...: Dylan wastes no time causing trouble at home. Meanwhile, the Bates family is inexorably drawn into the dark underbelly of White Pin Bay.

Better Call Saul: Episode 4

Hero (from IMDB, not available to stream on Netflix): Jimmy makes a bold move against Hamlin in an effort to attract potential clients.

Bloodline: Episode 4

Part 2: The family adjusts to Danny's new role at the inn. John and Marco discover a burned boat connected to their murder case.

BoJack Horseman: Episode 5

Live Fast, Diane Nguyen: A business trip for BoJack and Diane takes a detour; Todd runs a scam that gets him in trouble.

Breaking Bad: Episode 2

The Cat's in the Bag: Their first aborted drug deal forces Walt and Jesse to dispose of a pair of corpses. Meanwhile, Skyler suspects that her husband is up to no good.

Dexter: Episode 3

Popping Cherry: When the body of another Ice Truck Killer victim turns up at a hockey rink, Lt. Laguerta has the department focused on capturing a night watchman.

Gossip Girl: Episode 3

Poison Ivy: Blair uncovers scandalous information about Serena that may not remain a secret much longer.

Grace & Frankie: Episode 4

The Funeral: Emotions run high when a funeral throws Grace, Frankie, Robert, and Sol together in public for the first time since the split.

House of Cards: Episode 3

Chapter 3: Francis must leave union negotiations to deal with a crisis in his home district. Zoe negotiates the politics of being a journalist on the rise.

How I Met Your Mother: Episode 8

The Duel: Lily moves in with Marshall and Ted, and when Ted suspects that he's being edged out of the apartment, he and Marshall decide to settle it like men.

Mad Men: Episode 6

Babylon: At a brainstorming session, Peggy proves to be more than just a secretary.

Marco Polo: Episode 3

Feast: Marco begins a dangerous relationship with the beautiful Blue Princess as tensions grow between Kublai and Xiangyang's cunning chancellor Jia Sidao.

Marvel's Daredevil: Episode 5

World On Fire: Fisk moves forward with plans that threaten to rip Hell's Kitchen apart. Murdock and Foggy take on a case helping tenants victimized by a slumlord.

Once Upon a Time: Episode 6

The Shepherd: David must choose between Kathryn and Mary Margaret, with whom he's fallen deeply in love. Elsewhere, Prince Charming's destiny is altered.

Orange is the New Black: Episode 3

Lesbian Request Denied: Targeted for romance by a fellow prisoner, Piper finds that subtlety is an ineffective approach to letting her suitor down.

Pretty Little Liars: Episode 4

Can You Hear Me Now?: The girls take matters into their own hands and try to put a stop to the "A," but their problems are far from over.

Scandal: Episode 2

Dirty Little Secrets: Olivia must protect a new client who is under investigation; Quinn runs into trouble.

Sense8: Episode 3

Smart Money is on the Skinny Bitch: With many of the Sensate's lives becoming more complicated, their newfound gift -- while still a mystery -- proves vital for survival.

Sons of Anarchy: Episode 2

Seeds: A new deputy police chief arrives in Charming, and Jax suggests a nonviolent way to throw him off the club's trail.

Suits: Episode 2

Errors and Omissions (from IMDB, not available to stream on Netflix): Harvey discovers that the judge in his patent case has a personal vendetta against him, while Louis tries to blackmail Mike in order to get his help bringing in a valuable client.

The Blacklist: Episode 6

Gina Zanetakos (No. 152): Eager to clear Tom's name, Liz turns him in to the FBI -- but she soon discovers that he's involved with a corporate terrorist.

The Killing: Episode 2

The Cage: The murder investigation begins as Linden and Holder question Rosie's parents, her friends and City Councilman Darren Richmond.

The Walking Dead: Episode 2

Guts: Rick unknowingly causes a group of survivors to be trapped by walkers and must confront an enemy far more dangerous than the undead.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Episode 4

Kimmy Goes to the Doctor!: Kimmy has an eye-opening experience when Jaqueline introduces her to her plastic surgeon. Titus auditions for a Spider-Man musical.

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