'Ghost Adventures' couple killed after hostage incident turns deadly

Debby and Mark Constantino found dead
Debby and Mark Constantino found dead

Paranormal investigators Mark and Debby Constantino were killed after a series of crimes, including a domestic dispute and hostage situation on Tuesday in Reno, Nevada, KTVN reported.

The series of events unfolded when Debby's roommate came home to find her male roommate dead and Debby missing. While police investigated the unknown man's death, they also worked to find Debby who was eventually located at a home in Sparks, Nevada that belonged to her daughter, Raquel .

When Sparks police arrived to the home, someone began shooting at them. They found that Debby's estranged husband, Mark Constantino, 53, was inside the home. After negotiations, officers discovered that Debby was being held hostage inside by her estranged husband.

Police say that Mark was the person shooting at them and is also suspected of kidnapping his estranged wife from her apartment and murdering her roommate.

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This is not the first dispute from the paranormal couple. KTVN reported that the Constantinos' relationship had a violent past.

Reno police officers arrested Debby in March of this year after she sliced Mark's arm with a kitchen knife. Six weeks ago, Mark and Raquel were also accused of kidnapping and attacking Debby.

Mark and Debby Constantino gained recognition after starring in Travel Channel reality show 'Ghost Adventures' in 2008. The couple appeared as specialists, accompanying the show's hosts as they explored locations believed to be haunted.

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