This is the most 'feel-good' song ever, according to science

There's no denying the relationship between music and emotions. Certain songs just seem to strike a chord in your heart (pun intended). Some make you melancholy while others can make you feel really good. The reason why is a bit fuzzy. However, that hasn't stopped one scientist in the United Kingdom from trying.

Cognitive neuroscientist Dr. Jacob Jenji used science to determine what exactly was the most "feel-good song," according to the Huffington Post.

He concluded that the most feel-good song ever is...Queen's infectious 70's anthem "Don't Stop Me Now."

The song wasn't a huge hit when it was released in 1978. It only reached number 86 on the US music charts and viewed as one of Queen's lesser songs, it was only performed live once. However, it has grown in popularity since then and is now one of the band's most well-known songs.

See Freddie Mercury throughout his life:

"Don't Stop Me Now" was the most common response when British electronics manufacturer Alba surveyed 2,000 adults in the U.K. about their favorite feel-good songs. Other songs cited included ABBA's "Dancing Queen" and Billy Joel's "Uptown Girl."

When the assistant professor of psychology at the University of Groningen analyzed the Alba's data, he discovered that the song has all the elements of the "feel-good formula," which includes a fast tempo, written in a major key with happy lyrics. In an email, he told the Huffington Post:

My analysis confirmed very nicely what we already knew from the literature: Songs written in a major key with fast tempo are best at inducing positive emotions

The said that when analyzed all the "feel-good" songs had were at least 10 BPM faster than the average pop song and most of them were written in a major key.

However, the neuroscientist did admit that he can't fully identify the most feel-good song ever, but data helps figure out what it's definitely not:

"Although you cannot really pinpoint one song as the ultimate feel good song, what we can do is identify specific features of songs that lift people's spirits...The more data we have available, the more we can learn about how music affects our mood.

Find out more about the legendary life and times of Queen and its lead singer Freddie Mercury in the video below:

The History of Queen and Freddie Mercury
The History of Queen and Freddie Mercury

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