Science says the glorified man bun is a dangerous trend


As we all know, man buns are kind of big deal. While Jared Leto will always remain reigning king of the popular 'do, several celebrities, friends, brothers, neighbors or even fathers have been proudly sporting the trend as of late.

However, in addition to simply not pulling off the look, a scientific risk has surfaced that might have the men in our lives thinking twice about throwing up the man bun. Traction alopecia is a condition that causes acute baldness around the forehead and temples. It occurs when people style their hair in a way that pulls at the roots over long periods of time. Mississippi dermatologist Sabra Sullivan told MIC:

"It's really, really common. I see it probably once or twice a week. They're putting traction on the hair follicles that the hair is not really meant to take. Traction alopecia in men is becoming more common."

Sullivan agreed that man buns are at least partly blame for the recent increase in traction alopecia in men. Similarly, we saw the condition grow common in women as the ponytail became increasingly popular over the past 70 years. Dr. Albert H. Slepyan wrote nearly 60 years ago:

"In spite of the repeated admonitions, the pony tail in recent years has enjoyed unusual fascination and popularity among our younger females. It is clear that those who wear the pony tail longer and more tightly drawn are considered more accomplished in the eyes of their contemporaries. It is the prolonged pulling of the hair backward and upward into a smoothly compacted corded hair bundle that has caused loss of hair in many of these persons."

Unfortunately, once the hair follicle is damaged,it doesn't grow back. However, the good news is that traction alopecia is relatively rare, even for those who sport man buns on the daily. sullivan said:

"There are lots of men who wear man buns and don't get traction alopecia. The idea is not to pull so tight. You don't want to have to go for hair transplants later."

Whenever you feel inspired to rock an up 'do, please do so safely! Make sure to keep it loose and you'll have healthy long locks to withstand many more years of sexy man buns.

Watch this video to see which stars have worked the man buns:

13 Celebs Who've Expertly Rocked Man Buns
13 Celebs Who've Expertly Rocked Man Buns

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