People confess all the strange things they do in the bathroom (that aren't going to the bathroom)

After a long work day, or even in the middle of a long work day, we all need a little private time to gather our thoughts, check our social media handles and maybe even break into an impromptu musical performance too raw for any general audience. Thus, while it might seem an odd choice of location, many opt for the bathroom as the perfect personal sanctuary. Several people took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to share the strange things they do in the bathroom.

Sometimes people just need a little privacy while playing on their phones:
Sometimes i will be in the bathroom for 20 minutes playing on my phone

Sharing doesn't always mean just means less food:
 as a mother I sometimes hide in the bathroom to eat a candy bar so I don't have to share

A little "me time" never hurt anyone:
When I'm in the bathroom, I spend more time talking to myself in the mirror than actually taking a shower

"Oh look this one's sulfate free!":
If I forget to bring my phone to the bathroom, I read the labels on the shampoo.

Hogging the bathroom is so #selfish:
If I take a long time in the bathroom it's probably because I'm taking selfies

With good hiding places comes no responsibility:
whenever someone comes looking for me to do something at work, I hide out in the bathroom..

Lights, camera, action:
I dance and sing in the bathroom before I shower and imagine I'm a star on stage performing for my fans!!

Consider this one when shaking people's hands in the future:
After I'm done using the bathroom I just run the water, I don't actually wash my hands

The bathroom is a solid location for those with foot fetishes:
In the bathroom stall, if there is anyone next to me I'll stare and observe their feet

This is where dreams are made, people:
I lay in the bathtub for hours after it drains out thinking and dreaming

Few scenic views beat the bathroom ceiling:
Some times when I'm about to take a shower I lay down on the bathroom floor and stare at the ceiling to think

Because a straight answer has way less character:
Whenever I'm in the bathroom and someone knocks on the door to see if it's occupied, I always panic about what to say. It usually ends up as a weird noise.

For more bathroom confessions, check out Whisper.

Watch this video to see one celeb's particularly bizarre bathroom selfies:

Miley Cyrus Instagram Bathroom Selfies Will Give You Nightmares

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