New mother shows off 'real' postpartum body

Baby Weight Is the Least of Problems for Many Mothers
Baby Weight Is the Least of Problems for Many Mothers

Meet Julie Bhosale, a mother of two from New Zealand who's showing off what a "real" body looks like after giving birth.

In today's society, there is so much pressure to instantly slim down to your pre-baby if raising a newborn isn't enough! After her second son was born, Bhosale decided to document the "brutiful" (her word meaning brutal + beautiful) truth behind her body.

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%shareLinks-quote="I shared all this in the hope I could show one mum that what she is experiencing is normal and she is not alone. I want every single mother to know: you are beautiful, you are amazing, you are a mother." type="quote" author="Julie Bhosale" authordesc="Bored Panda" isquoteoftheday="false"%

Here is Bhosale's transformation:

A few weeks back Christine Sheehy & Co interviewed me about #takebackpostpartum blog post. We talked about what inspired...

Posted by Julie Bhosale on Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Bhosale's photo series shows women that nobody (or no body) is perfect, but "every mother is beautiful." These photos originally went viral back in July, but resurfaced again recently on Bored Panda, showing just how important a positive body image will always be.

Read more about body image issues here:

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